Honkytonk jukebox Honkytonk jukebox

Honkytonk jukebox

Music clubs and bars down South are not all about classic country for a long time now. You’ll stumble across tought and tattooed punks with violin and banjos as well as high, long-haired hippies and rednecks drunk on beer holding electrical guitars. Turn the volume UP!

Americana Express Americana Express

Americana Express

Hurá na jih Hurá na jih

Hurá na jih

On our journey through czech and european southern-rock scene, we’ll be accompanied by it’s tireless propagator and the good spirit of the Herald-Dixie.cz, Dalibor „Dališ“ Mierva. LP reviews, band interviews, reports and invitations for concerts and festivals.

Bemanova Noční můra Bemanova Noční můra

Bemanova Noční můra

Feverish night journey into the darkest corners of American country music. Alternative Bluegrass, Cowpunk, Gothic country and other enormities and monstrosities. The Devil himself broadcasts with Mr.Beman from time to time.

Country Servis Country Servis

Country Servis

The hottest news from across-the-pond country scene from the last month. In the second half of the program, we’ll bring you a periodical sketch about one of many interesting personas of the american country scene, whose music always has a lot to offer.

Country Heroes Country Heroes

Country Heroes

Kris Kristofferson said it best: „If it sounds like country, it’s probably country“. Even though the throats of the heroes of this music have been drowning in whiskey from the times of Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams Sr., the music itself is still very much alive.

Southern Legends Southern Legends

Southern Legends

Pacient měsíce Pacient měsíce

Pacient měsíce

Dixie Night ride Dixie Night ride

Dixie Night ride

Only the best of the RadioDixie playlist, chosen by our musical dramaturge Petr Jirásek. True american bar, car and redneck party music: southern rock, country, blues, rockabilly, bluegrass, americana, cow punk and everything in between.

Roots'n Rockin' Roots'n Rockin'

Roots'n Rockin'

Every question you ever had about rock’n’roll and rockabilly will be answered by DJ Bobcat aka Bob Klásek. Your PC will instantly become an old vintage car playing the analog vibes of the rock’n’roll vinyls.

Blues bar Blues bar

Blues bar

The history and present of black and white blues. Music both acustic and electric, home and foreign, traditional and experimental, with the guidance from a blues expert, musical journalist and dramaturge of the Šumperk festival „Blues Alive“, Ondřej Bezr.